Grand Canyon National Park

The very first impression is what really counts. This was Nicole's first view of the grand hole, pardon, Grand Canyon. The day after our arrival we did what all the signs (there is one every few meters) say that one should not even think of: We went the whole way down and up in one day. This tookus about eight hours. We started at seven in the morning, just after sunrise. We rushed down to arrive at the bottom at around ten o'clock. After a short stop to take the proof image we went up again arriving on the top at three in the afternoon. This is a good hike for fit people, but the weather has to be perfect. When we started the floor on the top was frozen and later it was never warmer than maybe 15°C. On summer days you risk your life doing this, so the signs are maybe not so bad after all...

Technical data:

  • Start at Bright Angel Trailhead, South Rim, at 2091m
  • Go down via Indian Gardens until you can touch the Colorado River, 1 mile below the trailhead
  • And then the strenuous part starts...

You may also stay the night in the Phantom Ranch on the bottom (reservation needed) or on the campground at Indians Garden. A shorter hike is from the Bright Angel Trailhead to the Plateau Point what I did in 1999. It took us five hours to go there and back to the trailhead again (and was a little warmer).

This is the proof image: We were there and we touched the Colorado River. Great ;-)
The way we walk...
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