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13.10. - 09.11.2002

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02.07. - 16.10.1999
13.10. - 09.11.2002
25.07. - 17.08.2003
28.04. - 03.06.2007
01.08. - 16.08.2009

United States

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  • Lonely Planet: "California & Nevada", ISBN 0-86442-644-5
    This guide gives excellent and mostly up-to-date information, rather more than you need.
  • Lonely Planet: "Southwest" (Utah, Arizona, New Mexico), ISBN 1-86450-376-9
    This guide gives mostly great information, the desert area in southwestern Arizona could be of more detail.
  • National Geographic Society: "Guide to the National Parks of the United States"
    This guide is excellent to prepare your trip while you're still at home. Whenever you enter a national park you get more actual information at the visitor center.

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Nationalparks in the USA (Governmental homepage of the US national parks)