Yosemite National Park

Half Dome vom Sentinel Point her gesehen
Half Dome as seen from Sentinel Point

Half Dome as seen from Sentinel Dome which can be reached from Glacier Point. There is a great two-hour hike from the several parking lots to Taft Point (with a great view at El Capitan) and from there to the Sentinel Dome. Walking on that trail, we met some deers, lots of squirrels, and two humans (who confirmed we were on the right trail. The deer didn't answer our question...).

Nationalparks in the USA (Governmental homepage of the US national parks)


Im Mariposa Grove kann man durch einen Sequoia gehen
Walking through a giant Sequoia in Mariposa Grove

Giant Sequoia trees are found in three groves in Yosemite. The Mariposa Grove south of Yosemite Valley is the largest among them and can easily be reached (there are bulks of parking lots). Largest of all living things, these towering trees have endured for thousands of years. The Mariposa Grove's Grizzly Giant, 2'700 years old, is thought to be Yosemite's oldest living sequoia.

Nicole "on the rocks"
Places to stay: Upper, Lower and North Pines near Curry Village are very beautiful campgrounds located in the main valley of Yosemite. They are car-accessible and the closeby Curry Village provides anything you may need. Reservations are required. In addition there are some backcountry campgrounds. But always remember: This is bear country!


Eine Ansammlung von Sequoias
Some more giant Sequoias

We had luck that the weather was so great and warm. In some years the Tioga road is closed as early as the beginning of October. Anyway it's closed when the first snow falls and stays so until around May of the following year. Tioga Pass (3031m) is the only way to reach the other side of the Sierra Nevada if you don't want to drive hundreds of miles around that mountains.

Along the road you cross the northern section of Yosemite National Park. There would be great multi-day hiking. You could easily spend some weeks hiking in this area if you're not afraid of bears. The road passes some exciting lakes like Tenaya Lake (left picture) and the Tuolomne Meadows. Just after leaving the park at the peak of the pass you can see Tioga Lake (right picture). Here the streets descends to Lee Vining, the first town on the other side of the Sierra.

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